Playview App for iphone and ipad

One of the most popular android application is Playview. You can understand it’s popularity by the fact that it’s not even available in play store but still millions of people use it. Playview logo

That’s why Apple users have been looking to find a way to run Playview on IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. So why we decided to make this guide to run Playview in iPhone and iPad.

What is Playview?

First, you’ll need to know what Playview is all about. In simple words, it’s a live streaming app. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows online.

But that’s not all, playview has seen some massive popularity in little time and there are strong reasons for it. First of all, it has thousands and thousands of movies and other videos for free.

Not like other apps which have only a few hundred videos which too are low quality. Playview app allows you to run videos on both 720p and 1080p. Which means you can enjoy your favorite tv shows in HD quality.

Also, the app allows you save videos for viewing it later. So you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows in places which don’t have proper Internet connection. playview-download

Download Playview for iPhone and iPad

Playview is an app originally made for the android platform. Its developers are still trying to get their app featured in Play Store. That’s why possibilities for a different version for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad are not looking very good.

But we have brought you a list of Playview alternatives for iPhone. They are not as good as the original app but they still have enough features to be featured in this list

Playview alternatives for android-

* Showbox – Showbox allows you to endlessly stream thousands of videos for free. Its video library is quite big and videos are updated regularly.

* Playbox HD – Another good alternative for Playview is Playbox HD. Just like Playview, you can now watch movies in many different languages using Playbox HD.

* Moviebox app – if you like to watch movies after downloading them and you are looking for a Playview alternative then Moviebox is just for you. It allows you to save videos for seeing them later.

* Cartoon HD – The most unique one in this list, Cartoon HD has many different cartoons which you can watch online. So if you are a cartoon lover then this is just for you.

* Popcorn time –Popcorn time has quite a reputation for being one of the best live streaming apps for android. So if you are looking for a Playview alternative, do give them a consideration.

Wrap up

So these were the best Playview alternative apps. Seeing it’s popularity we really hope that Playview’s developers will listen to iPhone users and develop a version for iPhone as well.

Till then enjoy using these alternatives and do tell us which one of these alternatives you find the closest to the original app

Vidmate features unraveled

Vidmate has a plethora of features. There’s so much this bite sized app can do for you, and many a times, people just walk past them all unaware of all the awesomeness contained in it. Well, enough with the ignorance! I’m going to tell you the least known features the app has, so they never go unnoticed again.

Vidmate features unraveled

  1. Single Touch Updating:
    Don’t you hate it when your device’s apps become out of date and you begin to miss out on awesome features without even knowing? Well, Vidmate has a solution. In the menu on the left, accessible via the button on top left corner of the home screen, you can check for updates. Click the “Check Update” option and the app will look for higher versions of apk on the internet too. It is super quick too!
  2. History browsing:
    A lot of times, I start browsing for good video or audio content but I have to leave midway. I end up forgetting about where I found a really good video that I wanted to watch. Ordinarily, there wouldn’t be an option to find it out on a normal video downloading app. But Vidmate is different. Go to the menu on the left, and you can browse your history. Easy!
  3. Location modification:
    Want a video but it doesn’t seem to be available in your location? Want to browse content popular in another country? Vidmate has you covered, bro! Going to the Settings via the top left menu lets you change your location. This also proves beneficial in finding local download sites. Best option of the lot, in my opinion.

These are just few options that I like. There are a lot more great features that often go unnoticed. Maybe in a later post?

5 Fitness Apps For Helping You In Workout

People are all about fitness and health now days. Considering the awareness in young generation about health and fitness, smartphone companies have started to manufacture their devices that would also serve the purpose of being fit and calculating their daily movements and the amount of work out they do. The companies have also come up with wearable devices which would let you wear the device conveniently and record the data using the smartphone. So let us have a look at 5 best running applications.

  1. Adidas Train and Run


Adidas have recently launched their new MiCoach wearable device which not only looks great but also works great too. The company has also launched an application which would connect the MiCoach to the application and records data like calories burnt, running in kms and miles and much more. The best part is that it also have speech introduction and narration and you can choose in various languages and even speeches of some famous sports persons.

  1. Couch to 5K by RunDouble


If you are an amateur, then this is the app for you. Tough the application is free, but after two weeks, you will need to pay for the full version. The application focuses on really hard work out sessions and what it does is that it will make you work so hard that in future you will be able to race a 5k meters dash.

  1. Endomondo


Endomondo is a very famous application which is used by more than 10 million people. This application has a lot of features which includes measuring the speed, duration, distance and it even records the estimated calories that your body has burnt. The application has support for many wearable devices and can even connect to the Google Fit.

  1. Google Fit


Google fit is one of the nicest looking fitness applications that even come preinstalled in some devices. The Google Fit application records the time you run or walk or work out by tracing your location. The application also acts as a main hub when you are using additional apps like Mi Band etc. Google Fit application has the capability to push data to your wearable devices like Moto 360 and many other smart watches. It also represents your data in the simplest form possible using graphs and you can even set your goal for working out for an hour or two hours.

  1. Map My Run


Map My Run can be termed as the most advanced running application in this lot. Through this application, you can track your running and at the end of the day, you can see it on the map as the application records how much you run and your where about at the same time using the location services. You can even plan your route using this application.

Top 5 Showbox App Alternatives that You Can Bet On

ShowBox is an application which lets you watch movies and TV shows for free. With a simple and easy to user interface, everything is available at your clicks. It is one application which has become the talk of the online movie world. Once you have ShowBox app, you will not want to go to another application for use of movies and TV shows. In fact we can also use Showbox for PC and Mac devices absolutely free of cost just like FaceTime.

Showbox App Alternatives

However, there are times when the app goes off and you fail to watch your favourite shows and movies at the desired time and moment. Hence, for all the times you find nothing seems to work out; you can switch to the showbox app alternatives given below:

5 Best Showbox App Alternatives: Complete List

Playbox HD app

This is yet again a super easy to use application and lets you play movies and TV shows at one place all together. With HD streaming, you know you have the perfect ShowBox alternative. With updates coming up frequently, you will never find yourself wondering what to watch. Out of all the movies and shows, you will always find something or some things which are meant only for you.


When you see people using applications and when you know 25 million people are using it, Crackle is an application which you will fall in love with. Content is updates every once in a while and you can watch and enjoy movies at any place and any time.

Hulu App

Yet again, Hulu us an application which is kept up to date at any given time and movies and shows are found really soon; almost as soon as the shows are aired.

  • Movies and shows are free and easily available.
  • The app works in perfect sync with Chromecast.
  • Content is updated from time to time.
  • You can make watch lists for your late times.

Hubi Streaming app

There are times when you cannot seem to work up anything and for all such times, Hubi streaming app comes to your rescue. Choose the media you want to make the movie play, share links with friends and the rest. The app basically is a base for all the links containing the movies actually.

Flipps HD

A nifty app where you can watch movies on the TV too. Well, technology as taken us so far, practically anything and everything is possible and workable. It might get a little slow at times, but while it works, the quality is perfectly fine.

Wrap up
Now, for all the times you seem to be unable to work out ShowBox, you can switch to the apps stated above. Hopefully now your search for Showbox App Alternatives will stop thanks to our effort with this article.

Facetime App Alternatives for Video Calling in iPhones

Off late, there seems to be some issues with Facetime after the iOS 6 update. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users can use the app even on cellular data; but some of the providers cause a number of restrictions and conditions which don’t seem to work out well. Using Facetime, even on Wi-Fi has caused a number of issues to the iPhone users. There are a few ways through which the issue can be sorted, but you can go for alternatives to Facetime as well! Just as in Facetime, the person you wish to have a video call with needs to have the app!

Facetime alternatives

So, let us all have a look at a list of 5 alternatives you can go for your Apple iPhone, instead of Facetime and the problems that tag along! However, if you are happy with Facetime and wanna download Facetime on PC then you can surely do that too. However, now is the time to look at the best 5 options available to the Apple iPhone users to enjoy high quality video calling experience without even  installing Facetime app on their phones.

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Top 5 Alternative Apps of Facetime for iPhones

  1. Skype:

Video calling means a Skype call to most of the people. For all the Android users, Skype is the ultimate application for video calling. However, there was a time when Skype seemed to be slow and very unresponsive on iPhones and iPads. Now, the picture has changed, and improved too.

In today’s date, Skype is the best and top rated among all video calling applications. The app lets you make video calls with Smartphones and laptops as well!

  1. Tango:

The application is not as skeptic as the name, don’t worry! This is indeed one of the best video calling applications which you can possibly ever use. The streaming, the quality, everything is perfect. Along with video calls which you can have with all your friends and family on the same app, you can send messages as well!

  1. Yahoo Messenger:

Everybody started off their social networking with this one application, isn’t it? It ahs been the favorite ever since! It was not only the first app to be usable on the desktop, but also the first to come up with the very feature of video calling.

So, when Yahoo is on an iPhone or iPad, it has to be a cool one! All you need is a yahoo account and the person on your friend list.

  1. Fring:

The application us basically meant for group chats and messaging, along with group video calls as well. However, the personal video calls are no less in any way!

  1. Google Hangout:

This one is from the Google+ application on the Smartphones and iOS. The issue with the application is the slow connectivity and the fact that the app goes down for quite a while; the good side to this is that this one is an app where video calls happen like a boss! With updates and fixes, the app and Google+ both seem to only evolve with time.

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So these were the best of 5 alternatives for Facetime on your Apple devices! Happy Video Calling!

Viber For PC

Viber and Skype are the most competitive apps. When Skype announced its association with Windows, Viber released its PC version as counter punch. Users can use Viber both on PCs and Macbooks. At the same time company released updated Viber version on Android and iOS apps for better user experience.

viber for pc

Well we know Skype is great software for online video chatting but first check Viber before giving any verdict. Viber is pretty strong competitor to make Skype little worry.


Like mobile version, it is very easy to install Viber on PC. If you current Viber user on mobile version, then it will be easiest to use Viber on PC. Once downloaded and installed Viber setup on PC, just open the interface. If you are current Viber user, then add your phone number. Viber will sent you activation code on phone number, next enter code in interface on PC and your contacts will appear on PC Viber version.

Installation on mobile is necessary for installing app on PC. Otherwise it is not gonna run on PC. Because Viber is a smartphone app. Once installation is complete, you can make video calls, send text messages and photos. With Viber 3.0 users can transfer calls from PC to mobile easily.

Performance Review:

Call quality on Viber always has been really good. Video call is also doing great on PC version. Some people complaint about dropping image quality of audio quality may be because of weal internet signals. In short, its quality is not better than Skype. Both apps provide almost same performance for video calls.

Well to be honest, PC version heavily relies on mobile version. PC version cannot run without mobile activation. You cannot add new contact with desktop version. Only those contacts will be added which are present on smartphone version. Only those things or data will show up in PC version of Viber which are connected to mobile version.

With Viber one can call to other Viber users, even with mobile version one can route calls through mobile’s network.

The bottom line is that Viber is very effective but with limited features. It seems that gaps of PC video chat app have been filled by its rivals like Skype and Google Talk. The only unique feature presented by Viber is its ability to transfer calls from PC to smartphone. So you can try Viber for change but for better performance I guess rivals are best.

iOS 9 – What new you can see this time?

Finally Apple announced features of most awaited iOS 9 at WWDC 2015. Right now around 83% iPhone users are using iOS 8. But Apple never quits and settles upon something average. So with iOS 9 they have raised their level of intelligence but keeping high level of privacy.

iOS 9

Check below some awesome new features of iOS 9.

  • Siri: Siri is the true symbol of intelligence. No digital guide can replace Siri. According to Apple, Siri serves more than billion requests with 5% word error only. But Siri in iOS 9 is smarter than before. With the help of Siri in iOS 9, you can set reminders and set Siri to manage your apps. Interesting new feature about Siri is that it can give you suggestions to do things based on your data usage. It can analyze weather, data usage, context of email and texts, contact and location, as a result it will suggest some awesome things you can do in your surroundings.
  • API For Search: API for search helps a user by looking in content behind apps. This happens when user performs any query. API for search is very powerful thing as it comes up with deep links. Google is also considering applying same ideas, but it seems Apple is pioneer here.
  • News: News app is another new feature that attracts attention of thousands of people. Apple explained in detail about great user experience of news on News App. User can read best news articles in Apple’s native format. User don’t have to worry about from where content is coming. For more simplification, Apple News App is visual RSS reader. Publishers are working with Apple, as they don’t want this amazing advertising opportunity. In start this app will be available to use in USA, UK and Australia only.
  • TrackPad: This is real treat of iPad users. Above keyboard on iPad, one can have trackpad by putting two fingers. How amazing is that cursor really works with this trackpad.
  • Transit in Maps: With iOS 9, users can find public transits on Maps. In 2012, Apple stopped using Google Maps and presented their own Map software. With new Map app in iOS 9, one can find about public transits like bus, ferry, subway and train routes. Initially, this app will cover cities of New York, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Apple iWatch – Get to know it

Today wearable technology has become new trend for tech lovers. No one has doubt about Apple’s ability to come up with most stylish and high performance gadgets. Like iPod, iPad and Mac, Apple became pioneer in wearable technology with presentation of Apple iWatch.


Apple iWatch is the smartest digital watch at present. Tech maniacs were so anxious to use this device, even they preordered iwatches before its launch. Well like other Apple devices, Apple iWatch is bit expensive than its competitors. But to be honest this smart watch has come up with most exciting and great tech features to justify its price.

Check below some premium features of Apple iWatch for your guidance.

Calls and Texts:

Designers at Apple have this thing to come up with most innovative ideas to fill the gap. With Apple iWatch, now people have option to communicate without phone. This smart watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and beyond models.

Text Analysis:

iWatch is so smart that it can analyze texts received. Interestingly, it provides quick replies based on content of received texts.

Walkie Talkie:

With the help of iWatch’s microphone, anyone can send quick voice messages to others. How convenient is that!

Heartbeat Sensors:

Well this is my favorite feature in iWatch. iWatch have custom heart beat sensor at back. Anyone can check his heart beat any time with this smart watch. Not only you can measure heartbeat, you can also send it to other people. This feature helps people a lot who are suffering from heart diseases.


iWatch keeps the record of your whole body activity. Like it counts your steps and counts the calories have been burned. This is awesome feature which helps you keep yourself fit.

iTunes and Apple TV:

There is no Apple device without entertainment. Apple has this tradition of providing best quality entertainment whether its music or TV. So with Apple iWatch, you can access your iTunes Library. You can listen to your favorite songs any time through this smart watch. You can pause, play or skip any song you want to. iWatch also provides option to lower or raise the volume. You can also have access to Apple TV to watch your favorite shows and movies.


One of the interesting things about Apple devices is Siri. I must say Siri is most intelligent digital guide! Yeah you can have Siri on your iWatch too. You can take Siri’s help in dictating or guiding.

How to track workouts/runs with Apple Watch? (No use of GPS or iPhone)

Fitness is not about running a mile or working out in the gym for a long stretch. It’s about being active the entire day. Apple offers a watch which helps in tracking the daily activities and the workout routine. The Apple Watch is embedded with tools that keeps records and help you reach the desired goals with the help of applications. The Apple Watch has motion sensors which as long as on your wrist will track your every single moment and keeps you informed.

Apple Watch

To begin the monitoring follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. In the application of Apple Watch open Activity app.
  1. Swift left on the screen. Tap ‘Get Started’ on ‘Move, Exercise or Stand’
  1. After you fill all your personal details required by the application turn the digital crown.
  1. After pressing continue tap on start moving. Now each data will be tracked on the activity ring.

How to track runs and workout using the Apple Watch?

To track your workout you can activate the Workout application. How to get started? Open the workout application and select the workout you wish to do which includes running cycling and much more. According to your preference Apple Watch will list them up according to highest priority. You need to swipe to select calories time and distance goals.  Turn on the digital crown and click to start when you are ready to work out.

In case due to some reason you have to pause your workout, then firmly press on the screen and all the tracking will be ceased. You can then resume or end the activity. Once the activity ends you can turn the digital crown to see the result of your workout. You can either press on ‘save’ to save your results or to ‘discard’ to delete the records of the current workout. You can even reschedule it according to your convince.

You can see your progress by having a glance at the activity application. You can tap on the activity to see the progress of a particular activity or you can see it in the form of a graph by turning on the digital crown. Each Monday depended upon your last week activities Apple Watch will update new goals. However, you can manually change them according to your will.

If you have been just planning your workout and lacking motivation, the Apple Watch might do the trick. In order to keep you moving and get healthy Apple Watch will help you to be on track. With Activity App on Apple Watch you get to know your progress and be able to set your goals it ensure to keep you motivated to reach your desired goals and stay healthy.